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Backed by one of the largest IT solutions and services groups in the Nordic, InSilico has been merged with two other leading agencies into one powerful Nordic digital powerhouse.


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Companies find new opportunities by thinking digitally

At InSilico we strive to be the preferred partner when companies decide to step into the digital era. We are a Danish based digital consultancy specialised in design and development of digital solutions; including HTML/frontend, native app and .NET development.

The focal point of InSilico and our client relationships is our skill-set within digital development with a strong focus on user experience and technical implementation. We have a thorough insight in the standards and frameworks currently in the market and a constant drive towards emerging technologies.

Selected work

We work with a wide range of different clients and businesses and are always happy to be challenged. Here you can get a glimpse of cases and clients we are working with.

Business-critical solutions

We know the differences, strengths and weaknesses of several technological solutions and processes and make use of these insights to make the right choice on the specific project. We provide experienced and competent advice on both design and technological solutions – and it is our ambition to be the preferred business partner when the focus is on business-critical solutions.

Mobile Strategy

The foundation for digital business strategy has changed rapidly in the past few years and the main reason is the development and prevalence of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The internet-based services that companies offer customers, employees and partners must be part of a new mobile reality where user scenarios have changed location from the living room, office and desktop to a restaurant, a shop, a park and specifically the mobile device. It has thus been possible to get closer to the consumer's purchase moment while adding new services and value to existing products.

At InSilico we are experts in facilitating and defining mobile strategies based on a company’s existing business strategy.

User Experience

Developing the superb user experience, that is seamless and simple to operate whilst supporting the business objective, is always our starting point and end goal.

InSilico takes great pride in in-depth platform knowledge, and in collaboration with In2media's world class UX team we focus on designing and implementing platform-specific solutions that ensure great user experiences on all platforms and devices.

Platform Advice

InSilico takes great pride in advising and guiding clients through all phases, and alternative solutions. We develop CMS websites, native applications, hybrid applications, middle layers, complex integrations and a lot more. Whichever technology we might recommend, we’re able to develop the solution.

When we embrace all technologies, we have no incentive to recommend one particular technology over another, which means that customers can trust that our advice is rooted in market insight and thorough knowledge of the various technologies.

CMS Platforms

We specialise in .NET CMS platforms and have very proficient ressources in Umbraco, Episerver and Sitecore. We will help you figure out which system suits your project and organisation and help you from idea to market, while ensuring that everything is cost effective and will provide the optimal outcome for your specific business needs.

We are certified Episerver and Sitecore partners and have experience with the Commerce platforms, customer portals as well as regular content sites.

Techniques and code quality

We use Test Driven Development to ensure that tests are implemented and used in the development process. This helps drive the projects and ensures that bugs are caught early on and can be corrected instantly.

System integration

Data is usually stored in some other systems, but need to be integrated with the solution we're developing. InSilico has extensive experience in systems integration and can guarantee a professional management and interface to your IT department, external IT partner or other system vendors.

Agile development

Not so much because it is fashionable and trendy, but mostly because we appreciate the transparency that the agile method offers us. Our projects - both small and large - has admitted iterations with demo sessions where the customer is presented with the latest findings. This means that the customer throughout the process in touch with the solution and we get early and frequent feedback on our work. It provides both the customer and us peace of mind to know that we are on the right path.


In order to optimise your mobile and web solutions and gain knowledge about user behavior, it is important that we track the right data in the solution. When we work with analytics, we work from the objectives that provide business value. Therefore, all analytics implementations are unique with respect to each project. Analytics task need not be big or expensive – and we can start with the free tool Google Analytics. Nevertheless, it is important to put the selected tool up properly, so that we from day one can act based on factual insights and thus avoid the fencing in the dark when discussing solution optimisation.

Leadership with a technical background

We want our decision makers to have good technical insight and understand the everyday workings of our employees, which is why most of our management has a technical background themselves.


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InSilico is part of the In2media Group that help define cross channel customer journeys and craft digital services and products from dream to launch. All parts of the journey are executed with superlative sense for quality, creativity and technical expertise.


Platform - Mobile and web development


Products & services – Digital strategy, concept, user experience and design


Marketing - digital campaigns, content and social strategy

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